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today, i’m officially moving this blog over to i’m excited for my blog and website to be all in one place, and in celebration – i’m mailing everyone who comments on the new site a special treat! comment, click, and wait by your mailbox! the old site will be live until friday – so be sure to change your subscription now.

i began this blog in april of 2009, as a place to share my thoughts on children’s ministry, and encourage leaders to lead well. and over the last year, i’ve been consistently overwhelmed at the amazing community of readers who shape and encourage not only each other, but me as well. on some of the hardest days in ministry, i’ve come here to be reminded that i’m not alone – and i hope the same has been true for you, too!

there were a couple reasons that i wanted to move everything over to specifically for the last year, the blog and my main consulting website have been in 2 different places and that’s no good.

i also wanted to add a few new features, that you’ll be seeing in the next couple of months. i’m really looking forward to hosting a few webinars, and streaming a great new volunteer training event, and continuing to add new opportunities for the blog to be a place for community and dialogue.

another reason for the website move: a few months ago i was approached by beacon ads to join the children’s ministry ad channel and sell related ads on my blog. after a lot of thought, i knew this was the right thing for me. here’s why:

1. consulting is my business: it’s still a crazy dream to me, but people actually pay me to coach, train, consult, and advise them. and the reason i love my job so much is because i really love shepherding and coming alongside children’s ministry leaders. and often, i meet leaders for coffee, or send advice via email, or chat on the phone, or write articles for no cost. why? because i love it. and, i only want to do more of that. revenue from ads allows me time and energy to continue encouraging children’s ministry leaders.

2. opportunity to highlight great products: i get a lot of requests to review children’s ministry products on the blog. and, as much as i love highlighting a great product, i just don’t always have time for product reviews. partnering with beacon gives me the opportunity to feature great products in the resource opportunity sidebar. [and, on that note, if you have a great product and would love to feature it on lemon lime kids, here’s all the info!]

so, goodbye & hello see you there!


lemon lime kids

often when i’m consulting a church, people will ask where the name lemon lime kids came from. i love when people ask because i love to tell the story:

a few years ago, i was leading the children’s ministry at the chapel, libertyville. it was early summer and we were planning for the new ministry year. to say we had a few challenges in front of us would be an understatement. we were 100 volunteers short, we didn’t have a curriculum plan for grades 2-5, our registration system was outdated, and we had special needs’ children visiting the church and no place for them to learn and grow.

i started praying in july that God would give our team a vision for the upcoming year, and help us execute that vision. as a team we were praying constantly for god to reveal a new path, a new plan and a new direction. one day while i was sitting in a staff prayer meeting, a pastor began praying for god to do a fresh work in his ministry.  something stuck in my mind.  fresh.  fresh. i kept saying the word over and over in my mind. fresh. that’s was it! we wanted god to do a fresh work in our ministry.

we chose the verse from isaiah 43:19:

“be alert, be present. i’m about to do something brand-new.
it’s bursting out! don’t you see it?
there it is! i’m making a road through the desert, rivers in the badlands.”

we had a definite sense that god wanted to do a fresh work, to breathe new life into our programs for children and families. we chose the lemon and the lime as visual symbols for the fresh work god was doing in our midst. wherever we went we took the lemon and the lime with us (volunteer meetings, staff meetings, we even decorated our offices) as a constant reminder that god was breathing new life into our program.

when i began my consulting company, it was easy to chose the name lemon lime kids because inspiring leaders to consider things from a fresh perspective was what i hoped for most. and today, 5 years later, lemon lime kids remains all about that same spirit: fresh ideas for leading and teaching children who are then inspired and equipped to be a part of the church for a lifetime.

blessings today as you are reminded that god is doing a fresh work in your ministry.