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meet the intern

i’m thrilled that this fall we’ll have our very first intern! sandy will be blogging here based on her learnings in business, and meetings (YAY!), and leadership, and team development. i think that an internship is intended to benefit the intern most, but so far i’m benefiting big time from sandy’s sharp thinking and creative ideas!

a special introduction from sandy:

my name is sandy and i am thrilled to be lemon lime kid’s very first intern. i might be jumping on the blog from time to time, so i thought i would introduce myself. i am a student at judson university studying leadership development. i was on staff in my church’s childrens ministry for a few years and worked with amy on a project last year. i am not 100% sure what i am going to do with my degree yet, but i am excited to be learning more about how to be an effective leader. my husband, alan, and i live in the suburbs right outside of the city. i enjoy cooking, gardening, and riding my bike. the thing that i am most looking forward to during my internship is being able to take what i am learning at school and put it into practice with something that i am passionate about – helping kids learn about jesus!

welcome to the team, sandy!