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Lemon Lime Kids began with a deep-rooted passion to see God do a fresh work in the lives of children. If the statistics are true that the church is losing children, then we must begin a brand new conversation so that children are spiritually formed for a lifetime.  This blog exists to be the beginning of that conversation – fresh ideas for tweaking our curriculum and our methods of teaching children in the church, thoughts on how culture and media are affecting our children’s faith, new ideas towards modeling faith for children, and strategic ways to improve our leadership in the church.

Amy Dolan is the founder and leader of Lemon Lime Kids.  Amy has worked in children’s spiritual formation and leadership in several different contexts. Amy began her career at Willow Creek Community Church as the Promiseland Programmer and Teacher for Age 4/5 children where she worked for 6 years. She then served as the Children’s Ministry Director at The Chapel, Libertyville, Illinois.  Following her time at The Chapel – she worked as a Head Start Teacher for at-risk preschool children. Most recently, Amy served as the Executive Director for Children’s Ministry at the Willow Creek Association where she led the annual Conspire Conference for children’s ministry leaders, developed new curriculum, music and training resources for children’s leaders and oversaw the development of the new conspire children’s ministry website.

Currently, Amy is on a mission to spark conversation in order to save the church, so that children are inspired and equipped to be a part of the church for a lifetime.

CONTACT Amy for Speaking or Consulting

email: amy@lemonlimekids.com | phone: (847) 754-5157

or visit the homepage: lemonlimekids.com

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