birthdays, baseball & the bible

first: thank you, thank you for all of the lovely facebook, twitter, and text birthday messages. i felt loved and celebrated and grateful. as you may know, i’m a big fan of birthdays and i especially love my ownbirthday. so after a very full day yesterday of eating at my favorite restaurants, and cheering on the cubs to an actual victory, and being with my family, i was a very happy girl. and, it was especially fun to watch my little niece experience her first cubs game. when you are born into our family, you are a cubs fan for life. there is no other option!

and second: while i was out celebrating, the team from what’s in the bible announced it’s official release date! lori and i have been developing the content and writing the lessons for the last couple months, and we are thrilled to finally get it into the hands of children’s ministry leaders! dvd 1 releases november 15, while dvds 2-4 will release january 2011!

a really unique feature that we’re right in the middle of developing is the mobile site for volunteers in which leaders can access the curriculum guides from their smart phones.  we wanted to create a simple way for volunteers to prepare during the week and implement the lesson on sunday. i personally can’t wait to teach a lesson from the curriculum guide on my iPhone. way. too. fun.

we are also creating an at home interactive site for families. we know that take home papers, even with the best of intentions, don’t always actually make it home. so we are creating small take home cards that point families to the online site where children and parents together can answer questions, interact with the characters and videos from the sunday morning lesson, and utilize further bible discovery resources. it’s going to be really fantastic!

oh! and of course we would love help spreading the word about the curriculum. if you’re interested in tweeting, facebooking, blogging, or yelling from your rooftop – let me know! | @adolan | leave a comment


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