book list [for today]

i’m in the middle of a million books right now. or 5.  i love reading multiple books at the same time. in a strange way they sort of shape and speak to each other, making the reading experience fuller and deeper.

i’m finally through all of my summer vacation books and am now moving on to a few heavier books. books on leadership, and fear, and food, and spirituality. you know, none of the subjects that should be read while lying on the beach! what are you reading this fall?

here’s my list:

the land between: finding god in difficult transitions [by jeff manion] i listened to jeff’s talk at the leadership summit and instantly knew that i wanted to hear more from him on the topic. after going through a somewhat rough transition in my own life, i realized that we don’t often hear christian pastors speaking about what it feels like to be “in between.” i love that jeff addresses this, and only hope that his book sparks the way for more conversation. and, he’s dan scott’spastor – so that makes him extra cool!

permission to speak freely: essays and art on fear, confessions, and grace [by anne jackson] i’m a huge fan of anne jackson, specifically loved her first book “mad church disease” and love, love her blog flowerdustand this new book is so good and creative, and honest, and lovely to read. i’ll be posting a full review next week (9/7) on the book blog tour. can’t wait!

women food and god: an unexpected path to almost anything [by geenen roth] i picked up this book last weekend at barnes and noble, and even just a few chapters in, i’m already loving it. it’s such a different book than i’ve ever read, and is really stretching my thinking on how our spirituality is often expressed by how we cook and eat. not necessarily a traditional christian perspective (and her language isn’t the cleanest) but i am really enjoying the book.

unleashing the power of rubber bands: lessons in non-linear leadership [by nancy ortberg] yes, i’ve read this book before. and yes, i’ve blogged about the book before. here and here. this is my current favorite leadership book. when i was thinking about a leadership book to read with sandy, the new intern, this was the book i thought of first. i’m excited to digest and process it alongside sandy. it will be fun to see it from her perspective!

on writing: a memoir of the craft [by stephen king] my husband just read this book, and oh-so lovingly, handed it over to me the minute he finished. the book really inspired kelly, and i’m hoping for the same!

what does your book list look like today? oh! and if you’re interested in adding a free book to your list, my brother in law is giving away a copy of transition planon his blog! happy reading!


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  1. Posted by Wendy on August 31, 2010 at 3:51 pm

    Right now I am reading The Sacred Echo by Margaret Feinberg, Jesus Manifesto by Len Sweet, Parenting Beyond Your Capacity by Reggie Joiner and Carey Nieuwhof, and Outlive Your Life by Max Lucado. I too am usually reading more than one book at a time. Can’t help myself. I read the Nancy Ortberg book you are reading and LOVED IT! I also have the Anne Jackson and Jeff Manion books on my must read list as I have heard great things about them. When you start talking books friend, you are speaking my language as I LOVE to read!


  2. I’m with Wendy… pretty sure “books” are the 6th love language. That and video games. Anyway, I just started *nerd alert* The Oxford’s Illustrated History of Christianity. I’m about to start Joshua Harris’ “I Kissed Dating Goodbye.” I’ve never agreed with the premise, so I thought it might help if I actually READ the thing I don’t agree with! Also making my way through The Kid’s Guide to Service Projects.


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