age of volunteers: +/- 10 years

yesterday, i received my smart ministrye-newsletter with a link for a fascinating article from usa today titled: “more young adults going into ministry.”  a quote from gail ford smith (director of the center for clergy excellence) stuck out to me:

“a pastor usually attracts persons 10 years above and below their own age range,” says gail ford smith, director of the center for clergy excellence at the texas annual conference of the united methodist church. “if you have a 27-year-old starting a new worship service, they’re going to attract people ages (17) to 37.”

while not implying the average age of church volunteers, the article made me wonder if the same was true for the age of volunteers in our children’s ministry. do you think this idea of plus or minus 10 years is true for leaders who recruit volunteers? are the majority of your volunteers 10 years older and younger than you?


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