#16: build a better (fall) meeting

happy monday! i apologize for the lack of posts this past week, i thought it would be an easier transition back to work from vacation – but i was wrong. it was a crazy, chaotic, busy week, that lacked any sense of normalcy or routine. but, now that i’ve had a week to collect my thoughts, unpack my suitcase, and reacquaint myself with my office i’m ready to jump back into work full force!

and so, just like that fall is upon us!  summer vacations behind us, it’s time to embrace fall and launch a brand new ministry season.

today’sbuild a better meeting is all about the fall volunteer meeting. i always love a great fall meeting-it’s the perfect opportunity to reconnect with volunteers, and share updates, information and training for the upcoming ministry season. there are a lot of great ways to do a fantastic fall meeting: all volunteers together for dinner and a vision talk, volunteers divided into age classrooms for an all day saturday training, and even a virtual meeting in which volunteers log online for an hour during the evening to receive updates.

but, i think every great fall meeting includes some components of vision, information, training, and community.  my most favorite fall meeting was a few years ago when we played off a carnival theme. we had a lot to accomplish during our meeting and wanted to do it in a fun way so we built a giant carnival. we set up booths where volunteers could play games to receive their information and training, get their pictures taken for their volunteer tags, and have fun re-connecting with each other! it was easy to find popcorn, carnival flags, and inexpensive prizes to make the carnival complete. it was a blast! [and sometimes i wish every meeting i went to included a carnival!]

today, let’s share creative ideas or simple tips for building and implementing a great (fall) meeting. what have you done in the past, or what are you planning for this year’s meeting, or what have you always wished to do but haven’t yet had opportunity?

and for extra incentive, i’ll randomly choose 1 person (who posts a comment with a creative idea or simple tip) and send you a small box of carnival goodies!

happy monday, and cheers to better fall meetings!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Well, it’s not Monday, but I love this post…I’m always looking for new ideas for a great meeting!!

    For us, meetings are a time to CONNECT, CELEBRATE, get INSPIRED and learn a new SKILL.

    Some ideas we have done:

    1. CELEBRATE – Take time at your table to talk about “WINS” you’ve had in your classroom over the last few months. The best one at the table gets shared with the entire group. I then will read 2-3 powerful stories I’ve heard from families or emails I’ve received.

    2. CONNECT – I gave the leaders a few minutes to think about 4 key things/people/events in their life that help make them the people they are today. They then took 2-3 minutes to share that with the people at their table. It was a great way to get to know 3-4 other people really deeply, really fast!!!


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