#15: build a better (iPad) meeting

i don’t yet have an iPad, but i’ve been dreaming about all the ways i would use it to lead better meetings. there are a million reasons why i think the iPad will be an essential part of our children’s ministry programs in the very near future, but for today – thoughts on how the iPad might help us create better meetings.

of course, the iPad is cool and hip, but i don’t want to use it just to show off. i really think it will help make our time more efficient and effective.

category 1: A Singular Device

the iPad would help me have everything i need in one place. instead of bringing my computer, iPhone, iPod, pen, paper, whiteboard, and flip chart – i would access everything from the iPad:

  • video & picture display: useful for training or weekend recaps
  • iPod : play music, audio books, or sermon clips
  • maps: we used to make gigantic maps on poster board to designate small group areas for kids
  • calendar: review dates and schedule events together
  • contacts: instead of promising to get the email or phone # of a volunteer after a meeting, all of my contacts are available for instant accessibility on the iPad.
  • keynote: presentations, video, graphics all controlled from the iPad
  • safari: research information on new toys, conferences, books, and basically everything we make note to look up after the meeting.

category 2: Apps

how do you (or would you) use an iPad to build a better meeting?


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