friday favorites

happy friday! it was a great week, filled with hard work and good thinking strategy, and creative tasks starting to take shape, all kinds of my favorite things. i hope your week was filled with a whole heap of things that made you laugh, and smile, and feel extremely proud of yourself!

a few of additional things that made my week:

my friend shauna niequist’sbook bittersweet arrived this week, and it’s absolutely fantastic. shauna writes about change, and grace, and learning lessons the hard way. you must read this book.

i had another opportunity to provide a training for the children’s ministry academy,this week’s topic “creating spaces that are safe and fair for children.” and while i absolutely love what the academy offers children’s leaders, what i love even more is working with the fantastic group of people who run the organization. because of them, i was challenged this week to think about the way i do business.

on wednesday, i spent the afternoon at the painted penguin with my niece kate, as we worked hard to complete a beautifully painted baseball glove statue for grandpa for his birthday. it was a blast! while we were there, a large group of kids came in for a fun summer birthday party. it made me wonder if anyone in children’s ministry had created a similar event for children in the church?!

and finally, i can’t stop thinking about the wonderful message i listened to earlier in the week from alise barrymore called “the faithful doubt.” i’m a big fan of her preaching style, she offers no specific application points but encourages the listener to find his own context in the message, and she speaks in a very rhythmic and almost poetic tone.  the phrase i’ve thought about all week – “god’s plan for the world is comprehensive, creative and complex.” [you can find her message on the willow creek media player.]

so those are just a few things that made my week great, what are your favorite things of this week?


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  1. After finishing iCamp I decided to take a day off. So a friend of mine and I went to nearby Preston, ID for a Napoleon Dynamite pilgrimage. We saw the tether ball pole, Preston High School (they still have the orange and blue lockers!), and Deseret Industries – the thrift store where Napoleon bought D-Qwon’s dance video & his brown suit. Good times!


  2. Posted by amyedolan on July 26, 2010 at 3:17 pm

    super fun! what a creative idea!


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