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i’ve been thinking about the way we encourage parents to have spiritual conversations at home with their children, and how many times we feel like our efforts just aren’t working. why don’t parents read their take home sheets, and read the bible with their children, and pray for children? as children’s leaders, we buy the latest family resources, and read the best books, and try so hard to encourage families – and we still wonder if our efforts are actually helping parents in the spiritual formation of their children. so, what if instead of a new family resource, or a brand new book we consider a new at home perspective. or a new starting place.

this is what we usually do:

i think, most times we create content for the church context and then push that content home – for example: at home activities that encourage parents to ask their children questions specific to the church lesson. nothing wrong with this, it’s good to reinforce and remember the lessons from church.

but! what if we balanced it the usual approach with this new starting place:

what if we started creating content that is intended first for the family, activities to be done in the home – activities that have nothing to do with the sunday morning church lesson, and instead of pushing the lesson from church to home, we wait for parents to push the lesson from home to church. maybe it would create more ownership, and more intentionality from parents. maybe as parents have success with their children at home (because the activities were designed just for them) they ask if they can volunteer and help shape the programs at church! (can you imagine this?!)

interesting idea. what do you think? what would happen if we created content first for the home?


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  1. I’d sign up to help! You can always email me!

    Although I LOVE the reThink resources (volunteer to teach 5th grade) and can see amazing progress in MY own growth as a result of teaching others! As a matter of fact, my 5th grader and I read from the Book of John last night! It was amazing!


  2. Interesting. Have you tried it? If so, how has it gone for you?


  3. Posted by Doug on July 22, 2010 at 7:03 pm

    This is very interesting. I remember a session at Conspire 08 with two men from a church in Texas. They had a similar concept that they had been doing at their church. At the entrance of the church or children’s area there was a cabin and on the walls of the cabin there were pockets where parents could choose a topic and a card that had devotional ideas (story starters) they took home and at a meal during the week read the card and then opened discussion with the family at the dinner table. I bought one section of this. It is very similar to what you are suggesting Amy. I can repost the information of who, where and what later when I go get the box and tell you a little more detail about it. For now though maybe if you went to Conspire 08 you can see the session I am talking about. It was held in the old auditorium it was a family ministry session.


  4. Posted by amyedolan on July 26, 2010 at 3:16 pm

    theresa – thank you for comment, the reThink resources are great!

    peter – recently we started talking about this idea. specifically at the merge event, we discussed biblical storying and creating resources for children and families at home before implementing a new program at church. what about you? have you tried anything like this?

    doug – are you referring to kurt bruner and john trent? they created resources at lake pointe church in texas for families to use at home?


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