[collaboration] merge 2day

i’m not totally sure where to start with my overall reflections on the merge 2day experience – it was such a profound & formational event for me and my children’s ministry colleagues that it feels difficult to summarize in a blog post.

so for today, i’ll choose the word “collaboration” to describe the experience. this group was all about sharing resources, helping each other solve problems, and respecting & encouraging each person’s journey. we had an amazing variety of churches represented: mars hill, the chapel, rolling hills community church, crossroads, grace episcopal church, the tennessee conference of the united methodist church, word action publishing, and soul shepherds. the group definitely came to the experience with a variety of perspectives on curriculum, spiritual formation, experience based learning, and of course theology. and yet, the group was a perfect picture of collaboration – as they gave and received from each other.

at the end of the day yesterday, dan huffman commented that the group around the table was amazing, that he felt the opportunity to collaborate with these particular people was such a rich experience. i responded by saying that collaboration has become my highest value – i absolutely believe GONE are the days of creating your own resources, and keeping them to yourself. GONE are the days of working alone and not being able to solve your problems because you believe no one can help. GONE are the days of believing your method is the best while not staying open to a variety of ideas.

i believe that collaboration is the necessary tool for us to effectively influence children’s faith.

i’ll continue to post a few more merge 2day reflections, and include a few highlights videos! would love to hear your thoughts, questions, and ideas! and – check out ivy beckwith’s blog on her experience.


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