[monday review] merge 2day

it’s the end of our merge 2day – and i feel like i’ve already had a full week’s experience. it’s been packed full of story gatherings, dialogue times, children’s ministry collaboration and experience based activities. phew!

this morning in our children’s ministry collaborative, we had a great session in which we discussed how to create storying experiences and response activities that engage children in the biblical story and encourage them to dig deeper into the meaning for their own lives. several churches have been trying new methods and shared their ideas, and we determined a list of things we hope to create together including:

  • partnering and modeling for parents how to engage their children in the biblical story.
  • methods for encouraging children to retell bible stories after they’ve heard it once.
  • response activities, instead of driving towards one application during a lesson – creating new ways for children to respond to the story based on their personal context.
  • an overall scope & sequence for children’s ministry biblical narratives.
  • ideas for cultivating prayer in the lives of children.

there were a ton of great ideas, and a true sense of collaboration; and sharing, and helping. so, of course i’ve already created a dropbox folder for the group – this way we can share our resources as we work towards creating something new.   fantastic!

tomorrow the group is going to help brainstorm for a few leaders in the group: one leader asked if we could help re-think the hallow eve event, and another leader asked if we could help re-create her family ministry experience, and another leader asked if we could share ideas for small group time. i love the concept. the group shaping each other and working together towards new innovation!


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