(not yet hatched) creative ideas

i’ve been keeping a document in my dropbox folder (oh! how i love dropbox!) with a running list of all of the creative ideas i’m collecting but am not yet ready to implement. usually, i’ll read a great idea on a blog, or someone will pass along a suggestion – and i’ll think “that’s fantastic!” but, for a variety of reasons, it’s just not the right time to make it happen. so, i’ll save the idea in my folder, and look for the perfect time and place to implement!

and speaking of which, how do you collect great ideas that you find on blogs, twitter, facebook, etc? how do you store them (and remember them) until you are ready to implement?

these are just a few of the creative ideas i’ve been collecting lately:

the abc paper cups: love these! i saw them on chad swanzy’s blog and thought instantly of all the ways i wanted to use them: building community with kids (spell words to describe yourself), learn bible stories and verses (show kids the first letter as a hint), and even as a way of celebrating volunteers (clothespin an encouraging phrase spelled out in paper cups in a volunteer classroom).

planning center app: i’ve been thinking so much lately about apps for volunteers, and matt guevara recently pointed me towards this app for volunteers. i love it! and am anxious to try it out  soon! anyone else using this?

jamie oliver’s food revolution: i love what jamie oliver has been doing to spark conversation about improving our kids’ nutrition. i love this toolkit that he offers as a simple way for families to get in the kitchen together. i’ve been noodling (pun intended) over an idea that involves cooking, and families, and spiritual conversations around the dinner table. the idea’s not fully developed, but i sure do love thinking about it!

what about you? what are your (not yet hatched) creative ideas?


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  1. I love Planning Center Online. Our volunteers are self-managed, but it really helps organize our production order and distribute it prior to Sundays.


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