[1] real world parents

happy monday! hope your weekend was great, filled with both love and joy, and a bit of rest and peace.

this weekend, we welcomed our second niece! my brother and his wife gave birth to emerson renee late thursday night, and the whole family was able to visit over the weekend! it was wonderful. our older niece, kate has so richly blessed our lives, that i can’t even begin to imagine the joy that 2 girls will bring to our lives!

but, we can’t talk about adorable nieces all day, so let’s talk about the schedule for this week on lemon lime kids, because it’s going to be just a bit different than normal. in late april, i attended the orange conference and was really inspired by mark matlock’s breakout on real world parents. of course, you know i’m interested in loving, serving and inspiring (non) traditional families, but i don’t often feel like i can find many resources that contribute to that conversation. there were just a few things that mark mentioned during his breakout that led me to wonder how we could use the ideas in framing a new conversation.

now, mark’s book is titled real world parents: christian parenting for families living in the real world, which may not seem like it would naturally lead to a conversation about (non) traditional families. but, his ideas about the family’s story, and the home as an embassy, and specifically identifying a family’s place in god’s storyline really connected with the hopes i’ve had in creating places for (non) traditional families in the church.

so, here’s where we’re going! this week, lemon lime kids will host a blog series around practical implications from the book real world parents. each contributor has read the book, and has written a post specifically geared toward parenting implications for children of various ages. here’s how it will look:

today: [1] real world parents – an introduction

tuesday: [2] real world parents – practical tools for (non) traditional parents with children ages 2-6

wednesday: [3] real world parents – practical tools for parents with children ages 6-8

thursday: [4] real world parents – a christian dad’s perspective for raising children ages 9-10

friday: [5] real world parents – a few thoughts on encouraging failure while raising tweens

i’m excited and hopeful about this conversation! would love for you to add your voice and perspective this week by adding comments, or tweeting, or spurring additional conversations on various blogs. and of course, pick up the book and contribute your specific thoughts.

UPDATE: in celebration of this week’s blog tour, lemon lime kids’ readers receive 15% off any product at realworldparents.com & wisdom works.com! enter lemonlimekids in the coupon code to receive the discount. this week only!


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  1. I’m looking forward to your series – especially since I know who some of the contributors are going to be. Thanks for doing this. I think it will be very insightful!


  2. Hey guess what? In one of my activities this weekend, the kids were creating family pictures… Kids picked and choose individual pictures of a mom/dad, just mom, just dad, etc… based on what their parent dynamic actually looked like… and they even included a picture of 2 mom’s… thought you would be excited 🙂 It made me think of you!


  3. Posted by amyedolan on June 8, 2010 at 6:36 pm

    Jill – that’s fantastic! and i absolutely love the new blog!


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