a (digital) volunteer perspective

lately, i’ve been challenging myself to apply a digital perspective to as much of children’s ministry as i can. and specifically, i’ve been wondering how we can better connect, communicate, and train volunteers by utilizing technology and starting with a digital perspective.

next month, i’ll be presenting my digital ideas at the children’s ministry telesummit.

today, just a few ideas as it relates to volunteers:

consider eliminating a few of your physical volunteer meetings, instead encourage volunteers to attend meetings via skype, iChat, or tokbox. oftentimes, volunteers want to attend our training meetings but aren’t physically able.  imagine if more volunteers were able to attend training meetings because they were able to participate from home, or the office?  fantastic!

consider sharing files digitally: instead of emailing large curriculum lessons, or photos, or videos, or policy manuals – create a digital folder where volunteers can easily access everything. i’m a big fan of dropbox, and i think the potential for utilizing this tool with both volunteers and parents is incredible!

explore ways to simplify volunteer communication by considering mobile app development. an app for volunteers would enable you to encourage volunteers to check in for service via their mobile phone, send curriculum lessons to volunteers on their phones during the week, receive small group photos from volunteers, and share videos and important news events. so exciting!

utilize online networks for volunteer training like: children’s ministry blogs,twitter, facebook, andcmconnect for great content, easy accessibility, and an affordable price (free)!

i absolutely love the possibilities, and would love to hear what have you been trying in order to digitally connect with volunteers.

and don’t forget! sign up today for the cm telesummit (it’s free, and fun, and educational)!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Rebecca on May 27, 2010 at 5:27 pm

    I really like the idea about a digital drop box. I have a few volunteers whose email servers won’t allow them to receive large curriculum files, so this is really helpful.


  2. These are all great ideas Amy! I was just speaking to a church yesterday who is moving more toward digital training — it will be interesting to see this trend develop. I’m wondering if anyone has already moved in this direction and what the response from their volunteers has been….?


  3. […] 8. Amy Dolan challenged us to take a (digital) volunteer perspective. […]


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