#11: build a better meeting (environment)

environments matter, especially when it comes to meetings. i always look forward to meetings when i know the environment will have been considered ahead of time, and i absolutely dread meetings when i know the environment wasn’t given the time of day! can you relate?

consider these simple tips when planning for a great meeting environment:

1. choose your location carefully: if you are meeting in a church building and have your choice of rooms, choose the best room for the tone of your meeting. if it’s a casual, conversational type meeting, choose a room with rocking chairs and sofas. if it’s a formal, take notes type of meeting, choose a boardroom or classroom. if it’s a creative, brainstorm type meeting, consider a location off campus where participants will be inspired. above all else, don’t default to whichever meeting room is available, think ahead of time and choose wisely!

2. rearrange the room: once you’ve chosen your meeting location, rearrange the furniture in order to make it best for your group. move tables, rearrange chairs, change the flip chart location, whatever it takes to make the room perfect for accomplishing your goal. most times when i request a meeting room be set up a certain way, i still make a few tweaks before the meeting because i can never fully anticipate what the room will feel like until i’m in the room.

3. fill the room with inspiration: once you’ve chosen your room, it’s time to fill it with things that will cause out of this world creativity and brilliant thinking! consider the goal of your meeting and how you can fill the room with objects that will help accomplish that goal. if your goal is to relationally connect with each other, consider adding baby pictures of participants as placemats. if your goal is to solve a problem, consider adding small mind games and puzzles so that the group can warm their minds up and be reminded of the goal. if you hope to brainstorm new ideas, consider adding art supplies and fun toys so that participants have tools for creative thinking.

your environment matters! when people feel great in a meeting environment, they will fully engage and add fantastic contributions. build a better meeting is a collaborative project, so share your ideas!

what is your best build a better meeting (environment) tip?


2 responses to this post.

  1. I love number 3 in your list! I love the idea of just filling a room with things to promote creativity in a team. From bubbles to playdoh LOL. I think sometimes we need to let the kid out in us to better serve the kids we want to reach.
    Love these conversations Amy!


  2. […] #11: build a better meeting (environment) […]


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