why i chose confidence

picture from what matters now

i chose confidence as my one word answer in the new eBook         what matters now in children’s ministry because i believe it’s what we need most to be effective leaders in church ministry.

children’s ministry is a tough job. and most days, it’s all too easy to believe the lies that circle around inside our minds that tell us we aren’t smart enough, educated enough, talented enough, innovative enough, famous enough or passionate enough to actually inspire spiritual growth in children.

but, i’ve noticed that on the days i choose to believe these lies, i’m the most ineffective leader possible!  instead of inspiring others and actually getting things done, i wallow in competitive and comparative games which don’t serve to help or inspire anyone.

but, look out! on the days when i believe the truth: god calls me. god empowers me. god gifts me. god strengthens me. god needs me. god works through me. look out! i’m unstoppable! i’m creative, and wise, and innovative, and caring, and mindful, and loving. and ministry blooms all around me.

so,  i think what matters most, right now in children’s ministry, are leaders who are confident in their calling, and their abilities, and their strengths, and their mission.

because i believe that children will be impacted when confident leaders lead well.

that’s why i chose confidence. what does confidence in children’s ministry mean to you?

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4 responses to this post.

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  2. Amy, I loved what you wrote about confidence, and felt like it has been so true in my ministry. Being young, and not a parent gave me many causes to doubt that people would take me seriously. But every time my confidence lacked, I was reminded that God had called me to do what I’m doing, and that He equipped me and I need to have confidence in it. Thanks for what you wrote!


  3. Posted by amyedolan on May 18, 2010 at 9:10 pm

    Jill – I see confidence all over your leadership.


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