what matters NOW in children’s ministry

today, our very first eBook releases!

what matters now in children’s ministry is a collaborative project that matt guevara,henry zonio and i dreamed up – and several of our friends made possible!

this is the story of our how our book came to be: in early january, i was having coffee with matt during one of our usual monthly meetings. matt and i have been friends for awhile, and we meet up each month to share creative ideas and challenge each other towards innovative thinking. at this particular meeting, matt told me that he had been inspired by seth godin’s recent eBook and wondered what it would mean if we asked a similar question in children’s ministry. what if we asked a variety of church leaders “what matters now in children’s ministry?” and we encouraged them to only choose 1 word as an answer and an additional 200 words to explain the answer?

of course i thought it was a great idea, and was beyond thrilled when matt asked if together with our friend henry, we would help put together this new resource. the vision was clear: a fresh resource for children’s ministry leaders that was sharp, creative, rich in content, affordable, and the beginning of a new ministry conversation.

for months we worked hard: inviting contributors, collecting and organizing submissions, editing, designing, planning, and dreaming about the new ideas that would come as a result of the book. we were overwhelmed by the response of the contributors, they were excited and eager, and especially timely with the deadlines we set. we were inspired by a true, honest sense of collaboration. of course, i was thrilled when imago even agreed to donate their time designing the book!

creating this book was a blessing to my life, and i hope now that you are similarly blessed. when you’ve finished reading, it’s your turn to answer the question. what matters in YOUR children’s ministry right now at this moment in time? because we’ve only just begun this conversation.

leave your comments here on the blog | on facebook | on twitter

and to carry the conversation even further, connect with the contributor in the book whose word you most connected with. all of the links in the bios are clickable so it’s easy to take the next step in the conversation.

download the book for FREE! what matters now in children’s ministry: 33 perspectives on how to influence children’s faith now


10 responses to this post.

  1. Amy,

    Thanks for putting this together. I appreciate the work you guys put into this amazing resource!


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  3. Yay! It got out! I’m so excited to see all the conversations around this. It’s been a privilege working with you and Matt on this.


  4. Cool & free!


  5. Posted by amyedolan on May 17, 2010 at 5:27 pm

    thank you, wayne – you have been a constant encouragement to me!
    ditto henry!

    tony, there are no 2 better words, right? cool & free!!


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  7. Thanks for this. What a great idea.


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