orange & a great group of people

by far, the best experience of orange 2010 was connecting with people. i had a chance to see old friends, and new friends, and i particularly loved interacting with the community of bloggers. each person was sharp, and innovative, and possessed a great deal of passion for the spiritual formation of the next generation.

each blogger approached the experience from a different perspective and context, which made reading all of the posts a very rich experience.

matt mckee

kenny connley

kelly dolan

gina mcclain

jonathan cliff

chad swanzy

michael bayne

dan scott

sam luce

henry zonio

rick smith

in the upcoming weeks, i’ll have plenty more thoughts to share and would love to hear all that is on your mind and heart as you head back home and begin to process the experience.

and! list the top 5 reasons you will be back for orange ’11 on orange leaders, and one winner will receive 5 tickets to orange 2011!


6 responses to this post.

  1. just a heads up, matt’s address is .com is a real estate agent.


  2. Posted by amyedolan on May 3, 2010 at 8:26 pm

    thank you, jared! i’ve fixed the link – although, matt mckee the realtor looks like a great realtor 🙂


  3. Amy great meeting you and your hubby!


  4. […] project was made possible by the dreams of my amazing friends and collaborators Henry Zonio, Amy Dolan and Matt Guevara.  Their dreams were made reality by the people at Imago who donated their […]


  5. Amy, so thrilled to have connected with you and your husband at Orange.
    I only hope it’s the first of many encounters to come!


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