early childhood matters!

yesterday at the orange conference, i ran into a friend who i worked with at willow creek several years ago, and as we caught up on life, and ministry, and our families – it took me back to the years when i was the age 4/5 promiseland teacher and his children were in my class.

i’m a little emotional even now thinking of that season in my life – when i was the age 4/5 teacher, and every weekend i would have the opportunity to love and teach those adorable and precious children. i believed in what we did, teaching foundational truths, and creating a biblical sense of imagination and wonder, and inspiring children to be a part of the larger church community.

i often feel that early childhood volunteers and staff are some of the most faith filled people in the church. because we work really, really hard to inspire the youngest children believing that one day the fruit will be seen. but day to day, we often don’t see the fruit and yet we continue to work.

hebrews 11:1: “now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.”

if you work in early childhood – thank you! and if you work with someone in early childhood, thank them today and leave a nice comment celebrating the difference they’ve made in young children’s lives.


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  1. I could not agree more!


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