perhaps a change in direction

i’ve been thinking a lot this morning about (non) traditional families in our communities, after chris wiersman’s fantastic message last night. we do a great job in our churches of reaching out to families, specifically when families need help, and we do this so that families will experience god’s love in tangible ways.  but, i think it’s time change our perspective-perhaps to a new mindset that asks how can serve each other, love each other and learn from each other. chris said, “there is no such thing as a one-way relationship. in community, there must be mutual fascination where we meet in the middle and swap our stories.”

it’s almost like we need to make a directional change – instead of always directing our action and service towards others, we must also mutually be on the receiving side. consistently asking ourself, what can we learn from families – and specifically from the large percentage of (non) traditional families like single parents, divorced parents, and gay/lesbian parents? because when our stories collide, we are guaranteed growth, and new life both for ourselves and for others.

we’re not called to help those around us, we’re called to collide – to mix our stories together.

what could this look like? how could we practically start to mutually love, serve and learn from the non-traditional families in our communities?


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  1. Is it possible that the thing standing in the way of us doing just what you are talking about is fear? We are afraid that we might not only impact others, but they might actually impact us. We like the direction we are heading and want others to follow us, but maybe it is time for a direction change and that collision is the only thing that will get us back on course. Just wrestling with this through my fingers I guess, not sure if I make any sense.


  2. I love where you’re going with this Amy! I was having some of the same thoughts during that session. I can’t wait to talk more about this with you.


  3. […] like this has on children and family ministries is how we relate to non-traditional families. My friend Amy Dolan has been thinking about this stuff, too. Are we willing to be transformed by unchurched families, busy families, single-parent families, […]


  4. […] perhaps a change in direction […]


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