#orange session 1

wow. and wow. the orange conference opening session tonight touched my heart and messed with my thinking in a million ways. i want to spend some significant time digesting everything, but for tonight – here are my favorite thoughts:

from mark batterson:

-there are ways of doing church that no one has thought of before

-we must do church out of imagination and not just from memory

-a leader disrupts the routine

-your inability to believe is hindered by your imagination (referencing tolkien to cs lewis)

-our lack of wonder is a lack of love

and then, chris wiersma took the stage – and pure magic happened:

-there is no such thing as a one-way relationship

-in community, there must be mutual fascination. we meet in the middle and swap our stories

-we’re not called to help those around us, we’re called to collide – to mix our stories together

-we posture and bluff in the church so that people will think what we want them to think

loved the session, look forward to more tomorrow!


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