start a blog!

preconference #1: blogging for fun and effectiveness w/john saddington and tom shefchunas

i have a theory: the more blogs, the better! so any workshop that encourages church leaders to launch a blog is exciting to me! the class offered a lot of great practical ideas – if you are considering launching a blog, here are some great tips:

1. consider your starting place: if you desire to share your experience, stories, learnings, and want to connect with others-then a blog might be great for you!

2. ask yourself: what is my purpose for blogging? maybe you want to connect communities between sundays, or share resources with parents, or explore a topic in greater depth, and offer great encouragement to remind others we’re not alone. these are all great reasons for launching a blog.

3. great things to consider: who do I want this blog to reach? what do i specifically want to say? do I need a blog to accomplish my goals?

4. practical things to consider in starting a blog: commit and go!, choose your (free) application (wordpress, blogger, etc.), and create a schedule (a time to launch, your weekly commitment, and # of posts per week, time to talk w/others).

next step: take a look at the big list of #kidmin blogs to get a feel for the variety of blogs.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Amy,

    Thanks for posting these. it is a great benefit to those of us who couldn’t be there for one reason or another!


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