lead strong!

preconference 2: leading strategically from your strengths

w/michael chanley

i chose this workshop because i love the topic and i’m a big fan of michael chanley! i wholeheartedly agree that leaders must identify and lead from their strengths, and delegate or even discard their weaknesses.

michael’s notes:

1. target critical vulnerabilities: SMEAC

situation: identify what the problem is – where do you see a need to act or a need for change?

mission: develop a mission that solves the situation, and tie this to your church’s values

execution: create a plan for how you will execute the mission

admin & logistics: who will carry out the task and how will they be supported?

command & control: create markers along the journey to gauge progress

2. boldness: what action can i take right now?

3. surprise: ask yourself, how can i get creative with this task to catch the enemy off guard.

4. focus: talent (a natural way of thinking, behaving) x investment (time spent) = strength (the ability to consistently provide near-perfect performance).

5. decentralized decision making:

6. tempo: how can you decrease the time needed to make necessary changes?

7. combined arms: who can you bring to your team? what silos can you infiltrate/eliminate

next step: consider taking this personality profile assessment


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