5 stupid things

preconference #3: 5 stupid things that keep your children’s ministry from growing w/sherry surratt

#1: believing it’s all about the lesson: it’s about more than just what you are teaching children from a lesson. it’s about relationships + content.

#2: playing gilligan’s island: trying to do things as an island, not connecting with other leaders, and becoming too internally focused.

#3: putting volunteers in the driver’s seat: stay true to the mission god has given you. do not allow volunteers to control or de-rail the ministry, be CAREFUL w/volunteer surveys-don’t ask for feedback that you can’t realistically implement

#4: looking at the world through old lady glasses: it’s easy to forget what it’s like to be young. do your best to figure out what it feels like to be a kid today.

#5: not paying attention to the sigmoid curve: not asking when your organization need change, and starting a new “s” curve before a new one should be started.

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