traveling to orange & prayers for richard

i had planned to post a really fun blog about traveling to the orange conference, with a video and a silly game about how to spot people on the flight also headed to orange. but then something happened while i was waiting for the flight that totally distracted me.

i was sitting in the food court area at o’hare waiting for kelly to bring back some food – when the man standing next to me started having a seizure. it was terrible and horrible, and i watched as his wife started shouting and screaming for help, and the entire room full of people jumped to help the man not hit his head as he fell to the ground. a paramedic and a doctor, who just happened to be waiting for flights rushed over to help, and several women worked hard to comfort the wife who was hysterically shouting, “i’ve just lost my husband.” it was horrific.

the airport staff came to help, and the paramedics arrived, and soon the man (richard) was somewhat awake, and whisked off to the hospital. and as the room started to calm back down, i realized how totally shaken i was. i couldn’t shake the thought of richard’s wife actually losing him.

i will blog about the orange conference, and look forward to learning and connecting together, but tonight i’m just asking that you would pray for richard and his wife.


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