rev run at #orange!

i’m a huge rev run fan – i love his show! and what he stands for! and that mtv thought a biblical and moral family show was a good idea! and next week, rev run and i will be in the same place at the same time. c’mon! this is fantastic!

hopefully, we’ll get to see a little of this from the rev at the orange conference:

i’m really excited to hear  him speak about family at orange. and of course, i’m planning to buy his book and have him sign it when i meet him in the orange leaders’ lounge. just hoping i keep my cool!

for more rev run fun: follow his tweets | and of course, sign up for the orange conference – so that you, too can meet the rev!!

who are you most excited to meet or hear from at orange?


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  3. […] by amyedolan in Faith, Family. Leave a Comment so, of course you knew how excited i was to meet rev run today at the orange conference! and even though it looks in the picture like he isn’t totally […]


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