friday reflections

this week was fun and of course filled with adventure: on wednesday as i headed towards parkview christian church, i discovered there was abotched burglary in the neighborhood and 4 armed men were still at large. there were helicopters, police with riffles, and an all church lockdown happening and this was all before 9 am!  but who needs just a regular old wednesday, right? this was way more fun!

i did have a moment of self-reflection this week. i noticed that i spend a lot of my week shepherding, coaching, and training others. in other words, i spend most of the week not thinking of myself and directing most of my energy towards others. on the weekends when i have a moment to rest, the lack of self-care for myself catches up with me. i need a healthier way to live so i’m going to start journaling at the end of each day: how i feel and how i’m caring for myself. if you can relate with this, or have been in this season before – i would love to hear your thoughts and any tips you might have.

i’m really looking forward to next week on the blog:

monday: build a better (DIGITAL) meeting. many of you have been wondering how to best add virtual participants to your meetings (when someone can’t physically attend a meeting). a few simple tips for preparing and facilitating a meeting with a skype or iChat participant.

tuesday: something fun! i’m not sure what just yet, but it will be light, and breezy, and delightful.

wednesday: i’m excited to post my most recent thoughts on connecting with non-traditional families. please be nice. we might not all agree on this post.

friday: reflections on the week, all in pictures, and spanish, and pig latin, using only symbols. it’s going to be amazing.

i’m grateful for the comments, tweets and emails you send as way of encouraging the conversation going on at this blog. of course, if you have an idea or suggestion for a blog post – let me know!

enjoy the weekend. peace, grace and lemon lime love to you!


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  1. One summer, we had split our VBS into 2 sites hosted by 2 families in their homes. As the kidmin director, I visited both sites everyday. One day, I was driving to the second site and got caught in traffic. Then all these police cars start driving in the same direction I was heading. Then my cell starts going off. My teachers called and told me that there was a wanted man on the loose on the street and he was jumping from backyard to backyard. The police closed off the street. The parents were worried. I was wigging out because I can’t be there for them. By the time I got there, everything was cleared and I found out that while the teachers locked down the house, the kids formed prayer groups all by themselves and the older ones comforted the younger ones. Oh the faith of children! Moments like these remind me that everything we do as kidmin workers is worth it.


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