friday reflections

happy friday! i’m not sure how your week was, but mine was a bit rough. i never felt like i was working in my groove. i felt tired, and therefore lacked concentration, i felt disorganized, and unable to manage my time well. i despise weeks like this.

and i figured everyone was either frustrated with me or viewing me as totally helpless, until i received an email midway through the week from someone thanking for me for helping them. those simple words lifted my spirit, and reminded me that usually i’m the only one who doesn’t give myself grace. i’m way too hard on myself demanding perfection in everything i do. if god continues to extend grace my way, then i certainly can be a little less hard on myself. next week, i’m going to practice extending large doses of grace my way.  and, if the same might be true for you, here’s a verse we can cling to together:

now god has us where he wants us, with all the time in this world and the next to shower grace and kindness upon us in christ jesus.” ephesians 2:8 (the message)

so here’s hoping to a much better next week! and this is what you can expect next week on this blog:

monday: build a better (CREATIVE) meeting. many of you sent me your best tips for leading a great creative meeting, i’ll add my experience from this week and together we’ll build a great creative meeting.

tuesday: i’ve been excited to post this blog for awhile, i’m glad the day is finally here! i’ll share my thoughts on an article from fast company called “a is for app” how tech is making kids smarter everywhere. i’ll be making specific applications for how the church can utilize technology in teaching children.

wednesday: i’ll be participating in the blog tour for the new book collaborate: family + church. i’ve really enjoyed this book and will share my own thoughts on the topic of partnering with parents in the church.

friday: reflections on the week, and hopefully it will have been a better week than this one so there will be lots of 🙂 and !!

have a great weekend, be blessed and loved, and know that grace is a gift for yourself.


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