#7: build a better meeting

jill nelson from morning star church in oregon, submitted today’s build a better meeting tip! i absolutely love that this is a collaborative project. if you’ve got a great tip for building a better meeting, email or tweet me: amy@lemonlimekids.com | @adolan

our children’s team has a weekly meeting (we call it round table) to touch base, catch up on items from the weekend, and plan ahead for future events. at the start of each meeting, each team member shares a “finger print.” finger prints are blessings that we had during the weekend services where we saw god’s hand on what happened. sometimes it’s as basic (and phenomenal) as, “we had enough volunteers in each of our rooms.” other times it’s something big like, “emily, one of our kindergartners, asked jesus to be her forever friend.” knowing this element of our meeting is coming each week, my team pays attention to these blessings as they busily go about their duties during the services. not only does it help us each look for these positives in the midst of a busy or crazy saturday and sunday, but it also helps us all celebrate as a team. many of the finger prints may have gone unmentioned had we not made a point to share them. i love it when one of my team will say after church on sunday, “i have a great finger print for our meeting on tuesday!” or, when we all sit down and start sharing during the meeting, another team member will say, “i’ll start, i have 3 finger prints to share.”

thank you, jill! a simple, yet powerful way to bring meaning and efficiency to a meeting. we’ve all been in meetings where people have a lot of “finger prints” to share, right? but without clear expectations (we will all share at the beginning of the meeting) sometimes the sharing time can get way out of hand, and even times hijack the entire meeting. i love jill’s tip – set aside time, communicate the expectations, and then stick to it during the meeting.

together, we will build a better meeting!


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  1. interesting concept


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