holy week wednesday

in my family growing up, we had a lot of easter traditions, special things we did only at easter that created memories and love between us. i love that families and communities have the ability to create a special moment that has meaning only for them.

casare pavese says, “we do not remember days; we remember moments.”

two easter memories always bring a smile to my face when i remember them. each year, we exchanged easter baskets filled with socks, toys, and of course, cadbury eggs. it became a challenge to me to have as many cadbury eggs as possible, so i would trade just about everything in my basket to get them! one year, i even convinced my sister that the yellow cream inside the chocolate was actual egg yolk and that it was dangerous for her to eat! she was convinced. and i ate all of her chocolate!

we had another tradition that still sticks in my mind as one of my most favorite childhood memories: the annual easter egg hunt at our local grocery store. it began at 7 am on a saturday morning, and my dad would wake up early and get all of us ready, and we would each stand in a different aisle based on our ages, and then we would race through the store finding as many plastic eggs as we could. the parents all stood near the front eating coffee cake and drinking orange juice, cheering on their kids! after we found all of the eggs, we would regroup as a family and open every single egg – especially to see if one might have a gold star inside that would lead to an even bigger prize! several years, we had gold stars and wound up taking home some very large stuffed animal bunnies! i loved that time with my family and looked forward to it each year.

the holidays are a great time for creating memories. whether with your own family, the friends in your community, or the children and families in your church. in the midst of the easter busyness, consider how you might create a special memory for someone in your life this year.


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  1. Posted by Jill Crew on April 1, 2010 at 5:24 pm

    That totally made me laugh out loud about how you told you sister the inside of the eggs were yolks 😉 Very funny!


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