holy week monday

dear Zion, don’t despair. your god is present among you, a strong warrior there to save you. happy to have you back, he’ll calm you with his love and delight you with his songs.”

—zephaniah 3:17 (the message version)

one of the things i love most about easter is the reminder that god really is with us. that he suffered and rejoiced and lived every moment like us. this idea of god’s presence reminds me of my most favorite christmas carol “o come o come emmanuel.” the first verse is the best: “o come, o come emmanuel. and ransom captive israel. that mourns in lonely exile here. until the son of god appear. rejoice! rejoice! emmanuel shall come to thee, o israel.”

i love this verse because i can often identify with israel’s begging and pleading for god to come and save, and appear. in my darkest moments, i beg for god to show his presence to me – to assure me that he has everything under control and that all is going to be ok. the divine magic of easter is that god appears! he shows himself! to save us from our pain, and our despair, and our hopelessness. it’s like god says at easter, “i’m here! everything’s going to be just fine!”

and so today, as holy week begins, let’s pause to remember that god is with us, helping us, loving us, protecting us, and guiding us. he has not left, not in our darkest moment and not in our brightest moment. he is emmanuel, god with us – always.


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