#5: build a better meeting

happy monday! happycaribou coffee! (and because caribou really is the best coffee, today only you can add a free shot of espresso to your coffee drink!) and happy build a better meeting day! build a better meeting is our attempt at making meetings more efficient and effective.

tip #5:

find the best facilitator to lead the meeting

i think that we often assume the best person to lead a meeting is the person who is responsible for the meeting. that the person who called the meeting, or is the leader of the group, or is responsible for the work that will result from the meeting – is the one who ought to actually lead the meeting.

i disagree. i think the best person to lead a meeting is the person who can lead a meeting the best. facilitating a meeting is an actual skill, a gift, and a rather impressive talent – so by not utilizing the person who can do it best or by simply defaulting to the leader of the group, we miss out on the opportunity to have an effective meeting.

the skill of facilitating a great meeting is usually a different skill than leading a team. a great facilitator is a person who is focused on the goal of the meeting, listens well, steers conversation toward the desired outcome, encourages members to contribute their best, and determine next steps.

if you are the leader, and you are often responsible for organizing meetings for your group, there is no shame in asking a great facilitator to lead the meeting. a church i know hires a facilitator to lead their big strategy meetings every year, they decided spending money on a facilitator would actually save them money – instead of wasting the staff’s time in disorganized meetings and unproductive follow up, they wound up saving time in meetings and staff work hours.

next time you are in charge of a meeting, consider asking a skilled facilitator to lead your meeting. maybe this person is a volunteer in your church, or someone who lives in your community, or a trained professional. and one monday at a time, we will build a better meeting!

this is a collaborative project – if you’ve got a great tip for building a better meeting, email or tweet me: amy@lemonlimekids.com | @adolan


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