friday reflections

happy friday, friends! just a few reflections on the week, sorry no video today – i did a bunch of videos this week for other projects and am a little tired of talking into the camera on my computer. and besides, i’ve been wearing the same yellow necklace all week on my videos – and no one wants to see that necklace again, because of course i’m still wearing it.

  • i’m reflecting this week on how especially grateful i am for good hard work that challenges my mind and uses my best creative energy and pays the bills. i promise to never take hard work for granted.
  • i’m reflecting on how different my life was just a year ago. last year at this time, i was in the midde of leading the team who put on the conspire conference and then subsequently letting that same team know that they no longer had jobs. it was one of the craziest weeks of my life. but, in this last year i’ve had the opportunity to connect with many children’s leaders, and begin work on brand new projects, and i’ve become crystal clear on what my purpose is. of course, there are many days i wish the team was still together doing what we did last year – but this week, i’m especially content with where my life is now.
  • after spending time at a church this week discussing family ministry strategies, i’m reflecting on how deep my personal belief runs in providing places in our church for gay and lesbian families. i often feel when we discuss family ministry, we don’t take into account how we are equipping, empowering, and encouraging gay and lesbian parents in the spiritual formation of their children. i’m looking forward to new conversations in this area.
  • and, after spending considerable time developing a new curriculum this week – i’m really excited about the possibilities that technology affords us in creating spiritual experiences for children and families.

i’m hoping your week brought a fantastic amount of hard work, and that your weekend brings peace, rest, love, and community. see you back here next week!


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