#4: build a better meeting

happy monday! happy caribou coffee! and happy build a better meeting day.

build a better meeting is our attempt at making meetings more efficient and effective.

today’s tip comes from matt guevara’s blog posted on the cory center for children’s ministry site.

tip #4: invite the right people (not people who “should” be there, but people who absolutely need to be there because they will contribute.)

choose the team based on what each person will bring to the meeting.  let each person know why they have been invited before the meeting and when the meeting starts (in front of the rest of the team).  this exercise gives each person a sense of mission and a sweet spot to use their gifts and talents as the meeting progresses.

and trust that by inviting the right people, the work will get done. when you invite the right people, you can be confident that the work will get done.  choosing the right team for the meeting based on the meetings objectives is the absolute best way to prepare for the best meeting.

one additional note that i would add to matt’s idea of inviting the right people – while you are preparing before the meeting, spend time thinking about what you hope to accomplish, what do you want the result of the meeting to be? once you have established the goal, then form a list of people to invite who will specifically contribute to accomplishing that goal. for example: do you need a creative thinker to accomplish the goal-then invite your best creative thinker, or do you need an academic contributor-then invite your best academic (even if that person isn’t specifically on your children’s ministry team).

read matt’s entire blog post

this is a collaborative project – if you’ve got a great tip for building a better meeting, email or tweet me: amy@lemonlimekids.com | @adolan, and i’ll give you a guest spot on this blog.

together we will build a better meeting. one monday at a time!


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