#synergy2010: mike breaux

today i’m spending the day at parkview christian church’s church leader training called synergy2010. i’ve been consulting the children’s ministry here for the past couple of months – and i absolutely love them! they are a fantastic group of leaders committed to the vision of reaching and teaching children in fresh ways!

pastor tim harlow kicked off synergy 2010 by describing the vision of this event. last year, he had spent time thinking “what does jesus hate?” and from that realized that jesus absolutely hates divided disciples, thus the creation of this event – a free all day church leader training for the purpose of connection and inspiration. love it!

it was great to hear from mike breaux, pastor of heartland community church – these are a few highlights from his fantastic message on the characteristics of the dangerous church.

“when fear consumes our lives, safety becomes our god.” max lucado from fearless

what if faith, not fear was our response to what we’re facing today. what it we unconditionally trusted god?

if you could see a flash forward (like the tv show lost) would it cause you to do ministry diffrently?

the dna of a dangerous church for heartland community church: dream vibrantly, ruthlessly eliminate ego, courageously go against the flow, and selflessly extend compassion.

to trust is to be convinced of the reliability of god. don’t be afraid, don’t be troubled, be courageous.

it’s not about becoming the biggest or the best church, it’s about trusting god and faithfully leading where he calls you. don’t be competitive with other church leaders, walk through the doors god has given you.

our problem is not weakness, it’s independence. be reminded – god has chosen you, and called you.

in the dna of a dangerous leader and a dangerous church is trust and faith.

characteristics of a dangerous leader:

1. i gotta know who i am

2. i gotta know why i do what i do

3. i gotta know what i want to accomplish

4. i gotta get alone with god often

5. i gotta share the load

6. i gotta take time to enjoy life

7. i gotta never stop learning

thank you, mike breaux. i needed to hear these words today.

later this week,  i’ll post the notes from our children’s ministry synergy 2010 session.


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