day 1: formational children’s ministry

ivy beckwith’s book blog tour for her brand new book formational children’s ministry begins today with a review from larry shallenbergerpastor of next generation ministries at grace church.  larry is a dynamic leader, speaker and writer.

an excerpt from larry’s review:

beckwith reminds us that children’s ministry is something larger than just presenting a curriculum each week. the spiritual formation of children is nothing less than helping to shape the image of christ in kids.

i highly recommend formational children’s ministry. i suspect that this volume will immediately find itself used as a text book in christian colleges. this book needs to be read by any serious children’s pastor desiring to connect the current generation to the ancient faith.

follow the tour for the next 8 days as children and youth ministry leaders discuss their thoughts on the book, contribute your own thoughts, and together may we sharpen our thinking on leading dynamic children’s ministries.


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  1. I look forward to reading the posts. I posted my own review several days ago. I am glad others are also engaging the conversation. Thank you for making it available.


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