#3: build a better meeting

it’s monday and that can only mean one thing:$1 coffee at caribou coffee! ok, two things really: cheap coffee and build a better meeting day.  build a better meeting is our attempt at making meetings more efficient and effective.

tip #3: set a time for each agenda item                                             as you create your agenda, think about how you can best plan your time by assigning times to each agenda item. for example:

tactical children’s ministry meeting, thursday 9-10 am

9-9:10: prayer and introductions

9:10-9:20: lightning round team updates

9:20-9:40: summer volunteer planning

9:40-9:55: summer curriculum updates

9:55-10:00: next step logistics

by assigning times for each item, you can guarantee that you are staying on track in your meeting.

oftentimes when we create agendas, we don’t take into account how long each item will actually take to accomplish; thus resulting in going over the scheduled meeting time. as you are planning your agenda, consider a realistic timeframe for each item. allow for enough time for discussion, processing, planning, and feedback. you might find that an item will require more time than the meeting will allow for; thus causing you to schedule that agenda item for another meeting time.

one of the greatest gifts you can give the participants in your meeting is a well planned agenda and a meeting that starts/ends at the time it was promised. you demonstrate respect and value when you honor your participants’ time.

and a fantastic resource from michael hyatt – let’s be honest:why most meetings still suck!

this is a collaborative project – if you’ve got a great tip for building a better meeting, email or tweet me: amy@lemonlimekids.com | @adolan, and i’ll give you a guest spot on this blog.

together we will build a better meeting.


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