random friday

happy friday! thought i would post a few random things on my mind today:

1. i’m re-reading nancy ortberg’s book unleashing the power of rubberbands: lessons in non-linear leadership. there are so many parts of this book that speak to me and my experiences as a leader. and recently i came across this lovely interview with nancy about the book. i love how she talks about storytelling as a part of leadership.

2. if you are currently a children’s ministry leader and are looking for a new opportunity, consider mountain park community church in phoenix, arizona. this is a dynamic church that is looking to hire a children’s leader committed to connecting the church and home, and provide new vision and strategy for a wholistic approach towards the spiritual development of children and students. take a look at the children’s ministry job description for more information. i would consider the job myself but how could i ever leave chicago winters, right?

3. and finally, march 2 – i’m planning to be at synergy 2010 at parkview church in orland park, il. this is a fantastic 1 day free church leader training and networking event. i’ll be leading the children’s ministry roundtable and would love for you to join us. if you live in the chicagoland area, come to parkview church. if you live outside the chicagoland area, you can follow our live tweets during the event at @Synergy_2010.

and in case you are still undecided, check out my video.

all right – that’s all the randomness on my mind.

blessings on your weekend!


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