good food = good energy

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i do a lot of work during the day and depending on the day, i sometimes feel drained of all energy at the end of the day.

i’ve been trying to pay attention to the things that give me energy, and not surprisingly i’ve noticed that the main contributor to how i feel throughout a day is linked to what i eat. here are a few things that i try to eat as often as i can in order to keep my energy high:

i try to pack my breakfast and lunch with fruits and vegetables; specifically blueberries, tangerines, pears, red-green-yellow-orange peppers (i’ve never met a pepper i didn’t like), snap peas, tomatoes and raw green beans. i’m not sure why, but these specific fruits and veggies give me great amounts of energy and make me feel great.

since my husband has a gluten allergy, we have significantly cut back on the amount of gluten that we have in the house. even though i’m not allergic, i notice that i have more energy when i’m eating less gluten. on work days i try to be mindful of how much gluten i’m eating. of course, there are some things that should never be avoided such as a lou malnati’s pizza or a portillo’s italian beef sandwich but on regular weekdays i try to eat about 75% gluten free.

i also like to eat an energy bar in the afternoon for an extra boost of nutrients. my favorites are chocolate chip clif z bars. and of course, i pay attention to how much water i’m drinking. if i’m feeling sluggish in the afternoon and need a quick boost of energy, i immediately drink a full bottle of water.

these are a few things that work for me. what about you?

what do you eat in order to maintain your energy throughout the day?


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