i’m in love with a strategic plan

image from churchofthecustomer.com

i’ve always been a very big fan of authors jackie huba and ben mcconnell. their book “creating customer evangelists: how your loyal customers become a volunteer sales forceconsistently serves as a reminder for me on how to interact with volunteers.

recently ben wrote a blog post on how to create a 1 page strategic plan. he writes: “a strategic plan has a better chance of being successful when it’s easy to understand, easy to find, and easy to share.

that’s why after we create longer-form strategy documents for social media or customer evangelism planning, we convert them into 1-page infographics. the word-driven complexity of a strategic plan is easier to comprehend when it’s displayed graphically. we’ve found the one-pager to be a convenient way to keep everyone in a group or a team on the same page — literally and figuratively.”

fantastic! i love it! what if after we created our full ministry strategic plans, we converted them into 1 page documents that could be posted in classrooms, included in volunteer handbooks, emailed to parents, and distributed to potential staff members.

the possibilities are endless. and i’m in love. this is fantastic.

i think i might spend the day retro-fitting every strategic plan i’ve ever done – and just for practice converting them into these one page visual works of art. wow. i’m a nerd.


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