prayer for today

it’s been a busy week. busier than normal. i’m not sure how it happened. but it definitely happened. and with a vengeance. this week has been stuffed full of meetings, phone calls, writing, editing and strategizing. many times during this week – i wasn’t sure exactly how everything was going to work out. it seemed liked every time i crossed something off my to-do list, 10 more urgent action items suddenly appeared. can you relate?

and today will be no different. i jam packed this day with more work than it was meant to hold.

but i’m finding peace in the bigger story – the one that reminds me that i believe in my work, and that i’m working hard so that children’s faith will be formed and inspired for a lifetime, and that even in the busyness, god is shaping, forming and completing me in his image.

my prayer today from marianne williamson’s illuminated prayers:

dear god,

as i wake up this morning,

may your spirit come upon me.

may my mind receive your emanations,

and my soul receive your blessing,

and my heart receive your love.

may all those i meet or even think of on this day feel better for it.

may i contribute peace.

may i serve your purposes with all i say and do, today and always.

please show me how.



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