a new year & new hopes

it’s a new year – and yet words from the christmas story are still on my mind:

“and blessed is she who believed that there would be a fulfillment of what was spoken to her by the lord.” luke 1:45

i have a fresh list of hopes and dreams for the new year and today, i’m believing that god will continue to complete his work in me, creating me just as he had originally imagined.

my list of hopes this year was different than lists in the past – for several reasons: 2009 was a tough year that grew my faith in ways i never could have imagined and as a result of those difficult experiences, i became a new (and hopefully better) version of myself. as i wrote my hopes for this year, i found that they were simply further developments of who i have started to become this year.

mainly, i want to become more me.

and most days, that is clear – i want to be a good friend: one who listens, encourages, tells the truth, doesn’t judge, and inspires my friends to be more themselves.

and i want to be a pursuer of things that are good for me: like cooking, and writing, and being creative with my fashion, decorating my home, entertaining, hunting for bargains, and spending time with my husband.

and this year, i especially want to be a great leader: one who thinks, and solves problems, and equips, and helps to change things for children in the church. and i’m believing that god will fulfill all of these things.

and i’m hoping the same for you – that this year you will become more of yourself.

what are your hopes for this new year?


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