in search of heartbreak this advent

advent is the season of anticipation, waiting expectantly for the baby christ in celebration that he will reconcile all of creation.

today as i reflect on the thanksgiving weekend and look forward to the christmas season, i’m feeling a deep longing in my soul to be meaningful – to add meaning to the broken parts of this world. i’m beginning to notice that the most spiritual experiences for me are when i’m participating in situations that break my heart:

children hurting in abusive homes

homeless men and women walking around my neighborhood

parents struggling to make ends meet for their children

men and women experiencing isolation and loneliness

all of these experiences break my heart, and create a deep longing inside my soul for things to be made right immediately. today i’m realizing that it’s been far too long since i’ve intentionally placed myself in any of these situations. but now i find my heart genuinely longing to be broken in anticipation and participation of god’s holy work.

this advent, i’m believing that the baby christ has come to reconcile and make all things new and beautiful – and i’m in search of heartbreaking opportunities in which i can participate with the divine in making all things right.

“it is christmas every time you let god love others through you…yes, it is christmas every time you smile at your brother and offer him your hand.”
–mother teresa


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