new books for 2010

i’m especially excited about 2 children’s ministry & leadership books scheduled for release in 2010!

1. formational children’s ministry: shaping children using story, ritual and relationship

by ivy beckwith

i’ve been excited about my friend ivy beckwith’s new book basically since she wrote her first book “postmodern children’s ministry.” ivy’s first book put language to thoughts i had had for awhile but was not able to fully verbalize. i suppose that’s what a great author does, right?

i couldn’t be more excited about ivy’s new book set to be released january, 2010. i believe her book will challenge us and will inspire us to re-imagine our current models for children’s ministry.

a short description about the book:

much ministry to children looks more like mere entertainment than authentic spiritual formation. but what if children’s ministries were rooted in a mind set whereby we taught children, with our words and actions, how the story of God, the story of church history, the story of the local community, and the story of the child intersect and speak to one another?

2. lead vertically: inspire people to volunteer and build great teams that last

by craig johnson

another book i can not contain my excitement for!  i’ve witnessed craig leading and building teams, and in my opinion – he is the best!  i have been so impressed with craig’s level of humility, wisdom, and creativity in leading teams. i can’t wait to read this book and learn how to really inspire people to volunteer for the long term.

a short description of the book:

great leaders build up, not down. when leaders, whether in the church or in the marketplace, inspire their teams with a vision of what is possible, passion meets production and truly great things start to happen. as senior director of family ministries at lakewood church in houston, the largest and fastest-growing church in america, craig johnson oversees thousands of staff members, lay leaders and volunteers. From his unique vantage-point comes lead vertically, a fresh look at the importance of building teams when the goal is not only success, but fulfillment.

these are the books i’m excited about for the new year! and while you are shopping for everyone on your christmas list – order these books as a special treat for yourself.

or pick them up as a special gift for me! hint, hint.

happy thanksgiving!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Beckwith’s new book looks awesome! That is definitely on my reading list for 2010!! Hmmm, wonder if I can finagle a review copy 🙂


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