creative idea for that ole’ ministry brochure

last week i received a brochure in the mail fromerikson institute that sparked an idea for me. i am always impressed by erikson’s creative design – and actually the design inspiration for the conspire 2009 conference came from a brochure i had received earlier from the school.

the brochure i received last week was a simple 4-panel horizontal design that follows a typical day in the life of a longtime professor. on the front cover the words simply read, “what is a typical day in the life of aisha ray?” you see a picture outside of her office and the time 8:15 am – followed by what she does when she gets into the office.

the rest of the brochure follows her through her day:

9:46 am: write post-it notes for admin responsibilities

11:32 am: mentor students

2:17 pm: participate in a program with the city college

the brochure and timeline are simple, the design is engaging, and all of the wording highlights the values of the school and how professor aisha ray works hard to accomplish those values.

what if we created a brochure similar to this in which we highlighted a typical sunday for a volunteer? we could give the brochure to parents and potential volunteers in order to highlight the values of the ministry and how simple, fun, and meaningful a volunteers’ service can be.

has anyone tried something similar? if you have, leave a comment and share your creative idea!


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