make your team work

it’s no secret…i’m a big fan of teams! and more specifically i love when a team is working well. united in mission and purpose, committed in respect and love to each other, and using talents to accomplish their specific tasks. oh, nothing makes me happier.

it’s like christmas comes early for me when i witness a team working well!

sometimes when i consult with a children’s leader, i’ll spend time with the leadership team. usually this includes both staff and volunteers, and i’ll ask each person to describe his/her specific role on the team. i love when they can answer with confidence and assurance. unfortunately they usually answer by saying, “i’m not sure.. i just do whatever needs to be done.”

lovely heart, servant’s attitude, but i’m sorry that’s the wrong answer.

consider making your team work. as they use their gifts to accomplish specific tasks.

if you are at the beginning of building a leadership team, or in the middle of an already established team but afraid that some of your team members might be unclear about their role, consider assigning very specific roles to your team members. here are just a few ideas:

  • operations leader: responsible for ministry logistics such as supplies, facilities and budget
  • volunteer developer: leads development of volunteers through recruiting, training, and encouragement
  • parent and family champion: suggests ideas and implements connections for families at home
  • event coordinator: responsible for special event logistics and promotion
  • security champion: continually looks for ways to improve and manage safety details
  • website & new media leader: develops innovative ways to integrate the website and social media with volunteerism, families, and kids’s programs
  • early childhood (infants-age 2) leader: responsible for curriculum & worship experiences
  • middle childhood (age 3-age 5) leader: responsible for curriculum and worship experiences
  • late childhood (k-grade 5) leader: responsible for curriculum and worship experiences

additional leadership team resources: developing a leadership team: a downloadable tool from david weil and coaches job description from north point church.


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