c21: faith in the 21st century

this weekend, i’m in chilly minnesota (they say it’s going to snow tomorrow, what?!) enjoying the christianity 21 conference. my husband’s company helped shape this event and i’m enjoying experiencing it with him. the basic idea of the event, led by doug pagitt and tony jones, is that 21 speakers (who all happen to be women) present their thoughts on christianity in the 21st century in 21 minutes or less.

there are many things about this event that are interesting to me: such as 21 emerging women with something valuable to say all at one event (and yet many conferences that i’ve attended recently seem to be hesitant to put just one emerging women on the stage), and the casual, laid back nature of the entire event is refreshing, and the best part – doug and tony invited a whole group of very well known christian speakers to serve at the event, but not actually speak (some will actually man the registration tables). their names aren’t even listed on the website – people like: shane claiborne, and jay bakker, and spencer burke.

but, of course i’m most interested to hear what all of the different voices have to say about what christianity looks like to them in the 21st century. you know, it’s all a little confusing to me right now about how to live with a strong faith that trusts, and has peace, and is dependent. i’m looking forward to a bit of inspiration and a breathe of fresh faith in my life this weekend.

you can follow the tweets at #c21


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