eliminate their pain!

3 years ago, my husband and i bought a condo in a downtown area that we love with our whole hearts. a friend once claimed that we might just be a tad bit obsessed with our town.  that’s fine. we are not offended at all. in fact, that’s probably an entirely true statement.

and while we love almost everything about where we live, for the past 3 years there has been one thing that consistently frustrates us. our condo management company. or shall i say companies plural. in the last 3 years, we have had 3 different management companies and until yesterday – each one bothered and frustrated me more than the last. the constant stream of unreturned phone calls, lack of repair or actual maintenance, and overall bad customer service really got to me.

i tried every way i could to solve the problem – like constantly telling my sister how frustrated i was, and shooting angry glares when the management came around to visit, and leaving my “seasonal wreath” up longer than the allowed 1 month time period. suprisingly, none of my methods worked. my dad suggested actually joining the homeowners’ association board, he told me that’s where real change happens.

but there was no need for that drastic step because yesterday everything changed. just a few weeks ago we were notified that a new management company had taken over, and since then we’ve seen them out and about several times. already a noticeable difference. and then yesterday, we woke up to find the company was taking care of a huge issue that affects all residents. just like that. years of complaining and no results, and then just like that – problem solved!

in a brilliant move, the company found the greatest source of pain for the people and instantly fixed it as their very first display of loyalty and commitment. fantastic!

what if we did the same in our churches? what if we could identify the greatest source of pain and frustration for our volunteers and then we did all we could to quickly solve that problem?

imagine our volunteers free to love and serve and give because their frustration has been eliminated!


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