what would you ask andrew?

i read a lot of books, i probably should get out more – but i love reading, what can i say?  this year several books have impacted me significantly and really challenged me to reconsider some previous assumptions that i’ve held.

one such book is andrew marin’s love is an orientation. thanks to andrew, i now have more questions than answers, not only for my own personal perspective, but for what all of this means for those of us in children’s ministry.

it’s becoming apparently obvious that for those of us in children’s ministry, the conversation about gay and lesbians and faith is one that we must continue to be on the forefront of – in leading volunteers, connecting with parents, and spiritually forming children.  as we continue to lead well, i anticipate only more questions as we encounter gay parents in our church, gay children in our church, and gay members in our church looking to volunteer.

i’m thrilled that andrew marin has agreed to meet with me in just a couple of weeks. i’m interested in discussing these ideas with him, listening to his expert perspective and learning new ways that those of us in children’s ministry can be pioneers and leaders in this conversation.

so i’ve already got quite a list of topics and questions i would like to discuss with andrew, but i would love to represent you! so leave a comment with your question for andrew and i’ll be sure to ask him and report back to you.

what would you ask andrew?


2 responses to this post.

  1. Oh the questions and multitude of topics to talk with Andrew about!!!

    What to do about volunteers or potential volunteers who are gay…

    What to do with families coming into church who are gay….

    What to do with kids who think they may be gay…

    What to do with questions from kids about alternative lifestyles…

    How do we teach kids about godly views on sexuality and how to love without condoning…

    How do we equip parents to deal with all this…

    What kind of vocabulary do we use/give to children to talk about these issues…

    Oh, I’m sure I can think of more questions!! Wish I could be a fly on the wall at your meeting!


  2. Posted by amyedolan on September 10, 2009 at 5:51 pm

    henry –

    great questions. i have many of the same thoughts – will definitely bring your list with me and report back. hopefully together we can make some progress in this conversation!



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